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7 Ways to Paint a House Fast

March 08, 2022 4 min read

7 Ways to Paint a House Fast

Repainting your home will be a priority at some point in the future if it hasn’t already. A common homeowner typically wants to expedite the process in any way possible due to the considerable amount of planning and labor. To help give some insight on the best house painting tips, the following will describe 7 useful ways to paint a house fast.

Speed Clean with a Power Washer

Before the very first drop of paint touches any siding of a home, the house must be washed down. Cleansing the walls will get rid of any dirt clinging on to the exterior paneling. This initial step must be performed so dirt and grime won’t be trapped in between layers indefinitely after being painted over. Washing the house by hand is an approach that’s much too time consuming for any homeowner or contractor. To expedite the process, consider purchasing or borrowing a pressure washer to knock out large chunks of siding in need of cleaning. This tool will allow you to begin painting significantly faster.

Speed Up Prep-Time

Painting a house doesn’t come without some form of preparation – and the more effort you put in, the easier the work will be. Prepping isn’t always the most colorful activity, however it’s important not to spend too much time at this step. Only prep the bare minimum but do it quickly and efficiently. Cover all necessary windows and doorways to avoid splatters and only prime areas of focus. Setting up hastily with accuracy in mind will inherently reduce time spent on the whole paint job.

Choose Exterior Paint Carefully

Certain colors will vary in application difficulty and exterior paint will play a huge role in how long it’ll take to paint your home. The general rule of thumb is that a house in need of a serious paint job should be painted the same color or darker. This will reduce the time spent on the home simply because only one coat will be needed for a full effect. Lighter colors will require multiple coats to fully mask the previous shades from poking through.

Spray As Much As Possible

Utilizing a paint sprayer provides a massive benefit to anyone painting a home’s exterior. This eliminates the added effort of rolling and painting by hand on large, flat areas. The preparation time in regards to protection of non-paintable surfaces is a bit longer compared to other methods, however spraying will cover walls at an incomparable speed. The caveat to a sprayer is that it only applies thin layers. Even though the job may require painting two times over, it’s still faster than conventional methods. Keep in mind to avoid house sidings that face concrete – getting paint off of pavement is much more difficult than grass.

Plan Accordingly

An obvious way of painting a house fast is planning the job accordingly with the weather. Many paints now are quick-drying, but it’s just a precautionary measure. Nice sunny weather will make application easier, better light to work with in finding spots that need attention and a better working experience altogether.

Roll Flat Surfaces

Similar to spraying pain, consider rolling all flat surfaces. Since a paint roller is made for fast paint application, it only makes sense utilize the tool as much as possible. Houses aren’t always suitable for rolling but any area where it’s possible is worth the time spent. It beats hand painting in virtually every comparable factor. Think of it the same way you’d paint a wall inside with interior paint. You wouldn’t want to use a single brush for the entire wall other than trimming. It would defeat the purpose of getting the job done quickly.

Get a Professional Design Consultation

Part of wanting to get the large task of painting out of the way as quick as possible is taking as little time as possible deciding between colors. Arguably the most difficult part of the entire process, choosing a color requires a lot of mental effort while sorting through shades and hues that look fairly similar on the sample. Seeking professional assistance from an expert design consultant will help you select the perfect color for your home’s exterior. At-home color consultations will allow a design specialist to analyze the home’s features with your preferences and narrow down the best color choices available. Eliminating the stress of color choosing, matching and repeating will allow the home to get painted much faster.

High Quality Paint & Supplies Near You

Painting a home doesn’t have to be difficult. With the experience from a Ricciardi Brothers paint store near you, all design projects can be simplified. Our compassionate guidance and service will advise you towards the best solution that fulfills the entirety of your paint design needs. If you’d like to learn more about Ricciardi Brothers, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you with any how-to’s and questions you may have for us.



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