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A Guide to Coronado Paint, a Benjamin Moore Brand

April 30, 2021 4 min read

A Guide to Coronado Paint, a Benjamin Moore Brand

Coronado Premium Paints has been recommended by painters and householders alike for over 50 years. There are many colors to choose from, along with a variety of finishes that make Coronado Paints a popular choice. Read on to get an overview from Ricciardi Brothers on all the offerings available for Coronado paint in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware area.

Tough Walls

tough walls

Tough Walls is known for its washability, stain resistance, and quality hide. Additionally, this brand is designed for rooms with heavy foot-traffic and is Interior paint.  Below are six of our signature finishes: Acrylic Paint & Primer- Ultra Flat, Acrylic Paint & Primer-Flat, Acrylic Paint & Primer-Eggshell, Acrylic Paint & Primer-Satin, Acrylic Paint & Primer-Semi-gloss, and Alkyd Semi-gloss. It’s available colors are White, Pastel Base, and Tint Base.

Super Kote 5000 Interior Paint


Super Kote 5000 Interior Paint has many advantages such as low splatter and smooth leveling. This paint’s target is for commercial projects and is handy. Colors are available in White, Black, and Brite White. Additionally, Super Kote 5000 Interior Paint is available in five finishes which are Flat, Low-Sheen Eggshell, Eggshell, Satin, and Semi-gloss. 

Coronado Grand 

coronado grand

Withstanding frequent cleanings and drying to a smooth finish are two benefits of choosing Coronado Grand. These two reasons allow Coronado Grand to be a spectacular choice. Furthermore, the three available finishes to choose from are  Matte, Eggshell, and Semi-gloss. 

Super Kote 5000 Acrylic Latex Primer

Super Kote 5000

Selecting this primer is great for oil-based or even latex finishes since it is foolproof and dries quickly. Additionally, this primer has an excellent holdout. 

Super Kote 5000 Zero

Super Kote 5000 Zero

Super Kote 5000 Zero’s specialty is to conform to strict VOC guidelines. Also, two of Super Kote 5000 Zero’s advantages are seamless touch-ups and easy application. All of these benefits make this interior paint a great choice. 

Super Kote 3000

Super Kote 3000 Flat

Super Kote 3000 is best suited for rental properties and also construction projects. Furthermore, Flat, Eggshell, and Semi-gloss are the three available finishes that are well suited for touch ups and excellent hide. 

Super Kote 5000 Waterborne Acrylic Alkyd

super kote water borne acrylic

Whether it is withstanding repeated washing or exceptional flow and leveling, you can count on Super Kote 5000 Waterborne Acrylic Alkyd to finish the job. There are also two finishes to choose from which are Satin and Semi-Gloss. 

Super Kote 3000 Interior Primer 

Super Kote 3000 Primer

This primer is best suited for jobs that require high-productivity. It’s quick-drying and quality hide give this primer a solid recommendation.

Cryli Cote 100% Acrylic Exterior


Cryli Cote 100% Acrylic Exterior is available in three finishes which are Flat, Satin, and Semi-Gloss. It also has excellent adhesion and protects against cracking and peeling.

Super Kote 5000 Exterior 

super kote 5000 exterior

Super Kote 5000 Exterior dries dust- and bug-free in thirty minutes, along with color retention. The choices for finishes are Flat, Satin, and Semi-Gloss. Additionally, Super Kote 5000 Exterior provides outstanding protection against weathering.

Rust Scat

Rust Scat

Rust Scat Polyurethane Enamels is a great selection because it prevents rust and its application is simple. Furthermore, Rust Scat has strong adhesion and outstanding wetting properties. It comes in three finishes which are Gloss, Semi-Gloss, and Satin. There are also two Primers which are Alkyd Metal and Waterborne Acrylic Primer. Lastly, there is Waterborne Acrylic Enamel which has Gloss and Semi-Gloss finishes available.

Masonry Coatings


The Masonry Coatings consist of Production Block Filler, Waterproofer, water-repellant, sealer, and Elastomeric Coating which are all flat finishes.

Super Kote 5000 Production Block Filler

  • Creates a smooth uniform surface 
  • Constructed for minimal tip clogging 

Texcrete WB Acrylic Masonry Waterproofer Medium, Sand, and Smooth Finish

  • Mildew resistant coating 
  • Breathable, high-build film
  • Protection against rain, UV light, and acid rain 

Texcrete Silicone Water Repellent

  • Non-flammable 
  • Alkali resistant

Elastite 100% Acrylic Masonry Sealer

  • Resists dirt pickup
  • Great chalk binding sealer

Elastite 10 Mil 100%, 20 Mil 100%, and Super Stretch 20 Mil 100% Acrylic Elastomeric Coating 

  • Flexible Waterproofing Membrane 
  • 200% Elongation rating 
  • 300% Elongation rating

Maxum Stains and Primer 


Maxum Stains and Primer is best used for exterior wood surfaces and also has a coating that resists mildew. There are Sliding and Deck Stains, along with a Deck and Sliding Primer. Benefits include an easy soap and water cleanup and cracking and chalking resistance.

Specialty Coatings 

Ceiling white, flat interior paint, and multipurpose latex primer compose the Specialty Coatings. 

Shop Coronado Premium Paints Today

Coronado Premium Paints offers a wide variety of paint options to choose from, and Ricciardi Brothers can help you find the right one for your needs. Contact us with any questions, or plan to visit a paint store near you. Don’t want to hit up the store? Explore the e-commerce shop and arrange in-store pickup or delivery of any Benjamin Moore paint!



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