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How to Prepare Your Deck for Spring

April 06, 2022 3 min read

How to Prepare Your Deck for Spring

Getting Your Deck Ready for Warmer Weather

With the spring weather fast approaching, it is time to start thinking about barbecues and relaxation on your beautiful deck. Before you start dragging out the outdoor furniture and having people over, it is so important to prepare your deck for warmer weather first. Preparing your deck for spring will extend its life and keep it looking beautiful for years to come! Follow these simple steps to prepare your deck for the gorgeous days of spring.

1.  Wait for the Snow to Clear

If you live in an area where snow falls in the winter — as most of us do — you will want to make sure snow has cleared before beginning any of the next steps. Waiting for the snow to melt is important because you need to be able to fully assess the state your deck is in after a long winter, which will be impossible to do with snow and ice covering it. Make sure you are somewhat certain that the snow won’t be back until next winter before you move on to springtime deck prep.

2.  Check for Damage (Rot, Splintering, Cracks, etc.)

Once the snow has cleared, it is time to thoroughly check your deck for any damage that may have been inflicted throughout the winter. Common damage includes cracks in the deck, which can occur from frequent extreme changes in temperature. You will also want to look for areas that may have splintering wood, mildew, or even rotting wood. While all of these types of damage vary in severity, be sure to note where damage is and how serious it looks.

3.  Treat Damage If Necessary

Now that you know where all of the damage is located and how severe it is, it is time to treat that damage! Splintered and feathered wood can be treated with wood glue and a little sandpaper, and small chips can be addressed with wood filler. Cracks and rot are more severe, and often require the board of the deck to be replaced to ensure that no further damage is made. If you are not confident with making these repairs yourself, be sure to discuss repairs with a professional.

4.  Thoroughly Clean Your Deck

Once all damage has been treated, you will need to thoroughly clean your deck. A power wash usually does the trick, but be careful with how much “power” is used to ensure that the wood on your deck is not damaged again. Ask an expert about what is safe for your particular deck material. The goal is to have all dirt, mildew, and debris cleaned off of the deck so that there is a smooth surface left ready for a re-stain and seal.

5.  Re-stain or Seal Your Deck to Protect It

Finally, your deck is ready to be re-stained and/or sealed. When deciding on a stain, consult with a paint expert to ensure that you pick a shade that will fit your desired look. A new stain will make your deck look gorgeous and polished for the spring season. If new stain isn’t necessary or you want to add additional protection to your deck, continue with a seal. A sealant will provide durability and protection from the sun, ensuring that your deck maintains its health for years to come.

6.  Once Dry, Enjoy the Spring Weather on Your Deck!

Ensure that your stain and sealant is completely dry before dragging out your deck furniture for the spring. Once dry, you are ready to enjoy your gorgeous deck, which should be looking brand new.

Stain and Seal Your Deck with the Help of Ricciardi Brothers

Ready to get your deck in tip-top shape this spring? At Ricciardi Brothers, we’ll help you every step of the way with expert advice, tools, and the highest quality deck stains and seals. With locations throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, we are the perfect stop before your spring deck restoration. Contact us today with any questions you may have- we look forward to working with you!



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